October 02, 2021 – Medical Preparedness Training

October 02, 2021 – Medical Preparedness Training

Net Control – N0KMO

N0KMO – How do train to be prepared for medical emergencies or disasters? What brought this up was K0STR and how to put together a trauma kit. But also a discussion about training and what is needed. I went through some training and went through a few classes that have been a real eye opener. Trauma kits for vehicle and a big one for home and also individual first aid kits. These are tailored for each person of the family. Every 3 months I’ll go out and find items to resupply, then go over each family member about their kits.

The conversation comes up from time to time. Then when 2020 happened, my daughter said everyone ran a grabbed some medical supplies. But there are other solutions. Went through an herbal training class about every day food you can eat to help with your medical preparedness kits. Been looking at using more natural, every day foods.
Along with the herbal supplements, had a company come in and took a CPR training. This company also did infant training. This was very renewing and refreshing on how to handle infants as well as adults and children. There is a big difference on how you handle different people for first aid and CPR.

Challenger CPR training is who I used, but you can do a Google search. Red Cross still provides training, online as well as in-person.

Along these lines, my wife said we also have some disaster insurance, includes firearm coverage. But there is also a class on Stop the Bleed. Various trainers, definitely encourage people to take this class on how to stop the bleed. How to stop bleed-outs.

Anyone had any training? Have you stocked your kits for any of these classes?

KF0CJA – Wilderness first aid classes, has anyone taken these?

N0KMO – Have not taken any of these. Looked at REI website, I have been looking into that, but haven’t heard of anyone taken these.

KF0CJA – Put names on wait lists for wilderness first aid, and they never contacted me back.

N0KMO – Set minimum registration so that they won’t have people not show up, but I tried to get on wait list and they never called me back either.

Are you part of a group that works on first aid.

KF0DGA – Trying get a preparedness group going in Firestone, but don’t have many people in it yet.

N0KMO – These are groups that build community. One of our group members did a thing on herbal and honey and bee keeping.

KF0DGA – Don’t do any bee keeping, but a neighbor does. I kicked this idea around, I think I’ll pull the trigger on doing that this winter. Do these get-togethers to get to know the people around you.

N0KMO – Agree with the idea of knowing who your neighbors are. One thing we’ve been talking about is medical preparedness. Our group reached out to a company and asked them how much it would be for a group class. We went that route, and put out the notification. Then we will do a follow-up with first aid and stop the bleed.
It’s always nice to see what people are working on and who I can reach out to. Also get equipment at a discount with a group buy. Any other comments?


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