September 25, 2021 – Trauma Bag Recommended Contents – Bandages

Net Control: K0STR

K0STR – Trauma bad and what is recommended contents. SHTF, the worst day of your life scenario. In the event there will be no medical assistance, and very few hospitals. Now in a situation that we’re talking about, the first place that is going to get hit are going to be the grocery stores. The second place will be the hospitals and medical facilities will be stripped clean.

So we need to be ready to take care of any medical emergencies ourselves. Here are my recommendations for a field trauma bag.

Bandages – We talked already about medicines and hardware.

Large triangle bandages – Great arm slings and do a good job of wiping down treatment surfaces.

Chest sealing bandage – You should have several of these in your kit. Held close chest wounds. Bullet or severe knife wound. The chest will be open and the lung will collapse with these injuries.

KF0CTV – Ordered chest seals from Amazon, and they cancelled the order because they can’t get them. Sources are already drying up. Amazon doesn’t have any.

K0STR – Check local pharmacies and Ebay for these chest sealing bandages.

Unknown Station – Israeli bandages, the packages could be improvised chest sealing measure. Need other feedback on improvised chest sealing bandages.

K0STR – Was a medic 50 years ago. Remembering back, I am not a certified trainer or physician. Open to discussion about these things.

N7ULW – Improvised: Saving pill bottles, the large bottles might help out. Have close to 30 if anyone wants them.

K0STR – In a pinch, any item that can be placed over a chest wound, and seal, is an effective chest sealing bandage. You could even use saran wrap to seal it. It’s imperative that you get the lung functioning again.

N1ROG – IF we’re talking about a sucking chest wound, back when I was in Air Force, one thing they talked about for bullet wound was saran wrap, but only sealing the plastic on only 3 sides so there there is space for air trapped in the chest cavity to escape.

K0STR – This is obviously we need more information on. Have these things in your kit, but we also need training. These things are effective and will save lives.

Butterfly Bandages – Have a large number of these.

Regular Band aides – For small cuts and abrasions. Dress small wound with disinfectant and bandage.

3×3 Gause Bandages – Have a very large stock, you’ll be changing these dressings every day.

Gauze Wraps – Have a lot of this material, several packages and sizes.

Coban Bandages – Elastic and stick to themselves and after you get the sterile bandages on, you can wrap with these. Have lots on hand.

K7AFB – Repeat name please.

Introduced to these several years ago when I had severe burn on leg. Plastic wrap that holds bandage in place. These are fantastic.

WY0ADK – Radio check.

K0STR – Controversial top of day: The best mass damage bandage are feminine napkins. Medics in Vietnam use these extensively as bandages. Super absorbent. You can pack wound with ese. The number of soldiers that owe their lives to Kimberly Clark company and Kotex is large.

Surgical Tape – Clear perforated tape I can tear with my hands. Also cloth while tape is also available, but the plastic tape is easier to use. Comes in hands for a lot of medical uses. Have a lot of surgical tape on hand.

Sanitary Wipes – Baby wipes. Sterile, really good to have around and are easy to use.

Ace Bandages – Wrap sprains and strains. Best thing to use to minor joint injuries. No end to types of uses for these.
Bandages that you can actually pull them together that have small staples that will pull wound together and seal wound.

Do not use super glue to use wound, this is poison. There are products that are basically glue type substances that are artificial skin to cover small wound.

KF0DXD – Tourniquet suggestion.

K0STR – We talked about tourniquets a couple weeks ago, but these are very necessary. One of my attempts is to condense down this list and publish it on

KL7GLK – One of the things I really like is to use paper towels. You have plenty of these, and you have something that works as a sponge for many types of wounds.

k0STR – Any problem with contamination?

K7GLK – No, when someone is bleeding out, anything you can use to stop the bleeding is better than nothing, then worry about infection later. You treat the bleeding first, then worry about infections. The bleeding will kill you first. You want to make sure the bleeding is stopped.

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