Colorado Ready was brought about by an idea of being prepared during a disaster. Knowing how to survive during a disaster or time of crisis is important to people with dispersed family and love ones...

Colorado Preparedness Net

About The Colorado Preparedness Net meets each Saturday at 9:30AM on the Colorado Connection for the discussion of preparedness for disasters and other events that could or have affected our state. Find the Digital Edition...

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Colorado Ready is corporation focusing on the idea of bringing preparedness in COlorado to a new level. Most through a education and activities to be able to practice certain things in Preparedness. Basic membership is...

Colorado Ready

If you are new to prepping or are trying to figure out how to further your preparedness plan then Colorado Ready might be the group for you. Colorado Ready is made up of members that are active in prepping for almost every situation you can think of. Self reliance and being prepared is the goal of this collaboration of groups.

Education through re-education to achieve self reliance in the face of what might come in the future.

Please send send us a join request and we look for to meeting at one of our meet and greets.