April 09, 2022 – Bad Times Are Here and We Need to be Ready

Net Control – K0STR

K0STR – In the last week there are more empty shelves, less products out there and it is starting to get worse. What is everyone seeing?

N0KMO – I was in 2 different stores, one was a larger King Soopers, compared to Walgreens. Walgreens had less on the shelves compared to King Sooper. These are completely separate companies and a quarter of a mile apart.

K0STR – I have to agree. I had a chat with the manager of the King Soopers I go to. He said that we place an order, and they ship us what they want to ship us. So what’s on the shelves is what was on the truck. In Ace hardware store, and the manager told me that they don’t know what they’re going to be getting and the prices change daily.

K0STR – That’s what I heard at the hardware store. They literally have to go through each morning and adjust the price.

K7ASB – Prices very hit and miss.

K0STR – I cannot understand why that is so. It seems like there is a total lack of coordinatation between the the warehouse and the store.

K0MGL – The supply chain mechanism is something Walmart implemented about 20 years ago. The computer decides what gets ordered, and what people what isn’t taken into consideration.
This is to maximize profit over the entire enterprise.

K0STR – I expect some kind of logic as to what they ship what they ship.

K0MGL – The computer tells them what to ship them to maximize profit.

TWN – There is another element here, it’s basically like the COVID problem showed what the healthcare administration has been doing. This kind of thing has been going on for a long time, but there was enough supply that no one really noticed. Now people are noticing and there’s very little that can be done.

K0STR – What has changed? I’ve listened to some of the other news podcasts from some more radical thinkers. They seem to say we have basically 90 days to buy enough supplies to prepare are own homes.

W0JEP – Been doing most of mine on-line. All the top 4 brands come out the the same manufacturing in Utah for freeze dried food. Watch out for side sites that resell and mark it up more. It’s readily available.

K0STR – What I’ve noticed is prices are much higher.

FXA – Shortages in automotive parts.

K0STR – Prepare emergency medical kits, like N0KMO mentioned, shelves on Walgreens are pretty empty.

Over 60% of products come over seas, from China. This will push lack of certain items.

K0STR – There are still 100s of cargo ships waiting to unload.

A lot of people in news won’t tell you an estimated 4.2 million people out of the work force since 2020. People decided they no longer want to be in the workforce. People are saying I don’t need to work, so they stop. This is a major kick to the economy. Then people also want to live off the government.

K0STR – 20 lbs. $19.99, Grains of the Plains. including shipping.

KF0CJA – Good book: The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book by Sue Becker.

K7ASB – A lot of people are toally oblivoious and not prepared at all. It’s important to get people interested in preparing. This is something that’s important to consider.

K0STR – A lot of people I know refuse to go out and have a month’s worth of food and be prepared for bad times. It’s frustrating.

Encourage everyone to look at disasters that have happened in our country.

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