March 05, 2022 – State of Ready – Difference Between Preparedness, Readiness and Self-Reliance

Net Control – N0KMO

N0KMO – Lots of good things happening in the preparedness industry. Someone asked me what is the difference between preparedness and readiness? I did a bit of research.

Preparedness – Every day, I make an effort to be in a preparedness attitude for disasters and other events. Preparedness leads into my readiness, which leads into self-reliance. Examples: Sundays nights I put everything in my day bad, and set out my clothes, etc. I get prepared for the day. Which sets me up for readiness.
My preparedness, training, purchasing, inventory and planning. These are the primary things you’ll see in your preparedness. These things will get you ready.
Last week K0STR brought you self defense tools. The idea of being ready is to answer the question of what you are prepared for. How are you prepared?

KF0FXA – Wondering the number one thing people need to be prepared for is the catalytic converter thefts.

N0KMO – Let’s talk about that. What can you prepare for? I talk all day long about application security, layers of security. The same thing can apply to your home. One thing is cameras. How do we prepare to see people coming up. Important documents that are supposed to come to my home are not coming to my home. I put an camera on my mailbox.

I have reached out to my community members to have defense layers. We always have our lights on. Lock front door, trim shrubberies. Have a phone and radio ready to call for help.

Another good layered defense is getting a dog. We have 2 dogs, one dog protects the house when we’re gone, then we take another dog with us when we go out to protect the truck.

How to get out of the home and where is a good place to meet the family? Our home and stuff is insured.
I carry a Mystery Ranch bag with me for EDC. So I am ready to answer questions of things I’m ready for: Can I walk home? Can I resupply from my truck? This is my layer of preparedness. Are you ready to bug out? Are you ready to leave your home?

State of Readiness is the training you’re doing to answer those questions.

KF0BTV – People tend to think of personal documents, title to your house, monthly payments, titles to your car. If you do loose your house, you’re going to have a heck of a time getting this stuff. Have several copies.

N0KMO – You want to make sure you have in your ICE binder you have some documents. Fire safe. Safety deposit box, something off site that you might backup copies of documents. We check every year to see if we need to update documents. Financial documents and passwords.

I keep a lot of my paper receipts that might have accounts numbers that are encrypted. I push these up to Google drive.

K0ATV – Being able to get home if your vehicle is disabled. When I take my kids to school in the winter time even though it’s warm in the school. Thinking about how to walk home wherever you are if you need to. Wherever you go you should be able to walk home with jacket and walking shoes. Keep comfortable walking shoes in your car.

N0KMO – Self-Reliance, what is it? How many people actually carry an HT into work? I carry several. Extra battery and large hand-held antenna and headset.

This means that you can rely on what you’ve prepared for. Your not relying on grid or supply chain, at least for a while. I can generate power if I need it, I can feed my family out of the garden, we have food stored away.

When you’re preparing food, think about what you eat every day, and your physical health. What about getting out and walking around and seeing what’s around you. Also getting physical fitness and exercise. We should know how to pass emergency traffic. If I don’t train to walk home, I won’t be able to walk home.

Start looking into some real-life training. First aid, work on your own vehicle.
Is my ICE binder, or preparedness binder ready to go?

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