September 18, 2021 – Trauma Bag Recommended Contents – Part 2

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Aspirin – A large supply of aspirin is necessary. Be careful about other over-the-counter pain remedies. Acetaminophen, Motrin and other pain miracles are still problematic and some cause serious problems in children.

Stronger pain remedies – Anything else for the reduction or alleviation of pain is going to probably require a prescription. It’s your decision to make about stocking in some heavy duty stuff. Discuss it with your MD. Chances are he’s a prepper too.

Iodine swabs – Treat wounds immediately with these. There still isn’t much else as effective a disinfectant as Iodine.

Iodine tablets – And while we’re on the subject, consider having some iodine tablets on hand. They are considered to be effective protection against radiation effecting the Thyroid gland and other body organs.

Ivermectin – There’s a lot of discussion on this stuff lately, but a lot of studies show that it does lessen the symptoms of various viral infections. It won’t hurt you unless you overdose on it, and it could help you stave off sickness. It’s in my bag!

Alcohol and alcohol swabs – Essential in any preparedness kit. Have lots on hand.

Neosporin – This is the greatest stuff since people began getting infections. This is a gel that is relatively inexpensive and is proven effective in preventing infections of open wounds. One of the deadliest events of a Worst-Case-Scenario is a small cut that gets infected and then spreads to the whole body, which then results in Gangrene, and then death. Having several tubes of Neosporin on hand can prevent a whole lot of woe coming down on you and your family.

Hydrogen Peroxide – also a great would cleaner. Should be in your kit as well.

Kwikclot – And then there’s Kwikclot. This is an essential that words alone cannot say enough about. This stuff stops bleeding almost instantly and you cannot afford to not have it in your bag. This stuff can save a life in and of itself. Think about it!

Oxygen – You can buy bottled oxygen on the internet these days, small cans of Oxygen that can be used for just about any use you can think of. From just getting a shot of clean air, to alleviating a breathing problem in people. Not a bad idea to have some on hand. I do!

Ammonia Inhalant – A good idea to have a few in the bag.



Large triangle bandages – make great arm slings.

Chest sealing bandages – cover and seal chest wounds. Help you re-inflate a collapsed lung caused by a chest puncture.

Butterfly bandages – seal small wounds.

Band-Aid bandages – small adhesive bandages we use for day to day treatment of small cuts and abrasions.

3” x 3” gauze – large topical bandages for covering larger wounds. Should be used with gauze wrapping bandages. Have a very large stock of these available. For the type of wounds these are used with you will be changing these bandages every day or two.

Gauze wrap – have several packages of several sizes available.

Coban – Rolls of Coban are replacing gauze wrap, or in a lot of cases working in tandem with gauze wrap. Coban is elastic, self-adhering, and come in a variety of sizes. Have lots.

Feminine napkins – This sounds silly, but I assure you it’s not. I mentioned in previous Prep Sessions that medics in Viet Nam used these in the field extensively as wound bandages. They are large, extremely absorbent, sterile and easily applied to something like a gunshot wound or knife wound. You can pack the wound easily with these, and I cannot tell you the number of soldiers who owe their lives to these.

Surgical tape – I prefer the clear, perforated tape that I can tear with my hands. There is the old white cloth tape which is still good, but the newer plastic perforated tape I find easier to use.

Sanitary wipes – Good old baby wipes. They get the job done.

Ace Bandages – We’ve been using these since we were in elementary school to wrap sprains and strains. Still the best thing to use for minor joint injuries.

The list goes on and on. Use your imagination on all of these things. I have given you information on what you would find in my trauma bag. In my opinion there is nothing too extensive or too expensive to have in your bag. Your life, and the lives of your families depend on what you have ready to go when Sierra Hotel Tango Foxtrot happens.

I also have a small pouch in my gear, which contains what we used to number among the essentials to any backpacking kit. A small mirror, bootlaces, a police whistle, a secondary compass, matches in a match safe, other fire-starting substances, a bandana, some extra Band-Aids, fishing line, fish hooks, a swiss army knife, a GI can opener, that eyeglass repair kit and film sunglasses, and any other device or tool that might come in handy. Your imagination is the only limit.

Additional items revealed during discussion period:

  • Manicure kit
  • Small hobbyist tool kit with screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, wrenches, etc.
  • Vaseline or other petroleum jelly
  • Chest sealing bandages
  • Israeli bandages
  • Aquaphor
  • Potassium Iodine tablets

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