July 24, 2021 – Preservation of Preparedness Items

Preservation of Preparedness Items

Net Control: N0KMO

N0KMO – Preservation of items in inventory. For me batteries are a big thing. Inventory plan for food items or maintenance plan for things you buy.

KF0CJA – Food preservation, long-term Mylar. Short-term to medium term cans, FIFO. Water, use water bricks and and rotate those FIFO and usually replace the water every 6 months. For short term/medium term I always make sure to buy food items that we use on a regular basis, so they automatically get rotated. Whenever we pull something from the storage panty, that item gets placed on a shopping list.

N0KMO – Fuel cans, always keep extra fuel cans ready to go in an area that’s staged. Oil line shut down, we were prepared for at least a week to get to work, etc. Preservatives for fuel, which is an interesting topic in itself. FIFO, age of the fuel will always be a consideration. Another methodology is a spreadsheet for food with expiration dates.
How do we convert the food to preserve it if it’s about to expire. If it’s getting to the point where we can’t eat right now, how to we convert to preservatives.

What about communications plan when on the road and travelling?

KF0CJA – HT in car with extra battery, want to be able to recharge HT in car. Also have more repeaters programmed into HT, along with printout taped inside of car with frequencies, offsets, locations, etc.

N0KMO – Another lesson I learned with last shutdown, how to maintain a water plan. We have tap water, but sometimes tap water won’t be good. Need filter for tap water. But what about water filters that we have put away. Took a look at life straw, and there are expiration dates on life straws. Some companies will help with expired products.
Dad put in a well, and there is a warrantee on well pump. It seems like when putting these plans in place, a calendar is a good idea to keep track of maintenance and expirations.

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