July 10, 2021 – What do you carry on you every day? EDC

What do you carry on you every day? EDC

N0KMO – For Example: Carries tourniquet and sheers on him at all times. Could be EDC, but maybe not. Some people can’t carry stuff with them into work. What do I have on me that is duel purpose? Always has something on me for something to eat.

Looking at consolidating pocket knife. Used to carry a larger one, but looking at smaller one. Multitool, which is duel purpose. A pen also has multiple uses. This is something that’s always changing. Also has a small first aid kit.

AD1CT – Pocket knife, flashlight, trauma kit, basic first aid kit for booboos that are more likely to occur. Vehicle carries 72 hour bag. Could walk significant distance also has water, fire and shelter.

N0KMO – Question: Has anything changed in what you normally carry with you in the last year?

AD1CT – Can’t carry firearm on base. Added mask on-person, but may not carry for much longer.

N0KMO – Before the whole pandemic, knew how to build mask with and without filters. Never a big biology guy, loves physical sciences, electronics, anything with physics. But had to move forward with prepping, what does a real trauma look like. He has had to administer first aid before. What changes for me every year now? Things change so dramatically for some people.

KF0AXU – Change in mask thing is interesting. Because of prepping and go bag, actually had several N95 masks on hand prior to pandemic. Seeing footage after 911 with people holding things over their faces to breath. This was what started me carrying masks with me.

EDC: Everyone will be a little different. People get stuck on what they need. Need to take time to analyze on what each person needs. Can’t have anything at work. So I look at how quickly I will need something. Has first aid kit in office. Also has 72 hour bag in truck, but this is stuff that he may not need quickly. Out in public brings firearm, knife. Needs to do a better job with having first aid items. Different for everyone, but basics are the same. Need food, water and shelter and how these apply to individual situations.

N0KMO – Touched on it, but need to touch on it again. Has anything drastically changed over the course of the last year and half. Am i prepared to leave work on a whim in case of a disaster. Has anything drastically changed?

KF0AXU – Can’t say anything has really changed, but I have been more diligent. There have been times that I will hop in vehicle and doesn’t have bag with him. Thinking about making sure I have bag with me as often as possible. Make sure that both me and wife have our bags.

N0KMO – Amazing couple years where I have been able to talk to kids about preparedness. What’s really changed for me has been carrying an HT with me, no matter where I’m going. Adding to that do I carry masks? Carry with me a couple disposable masks. Hand sanitizer. Family’s outlook on what they carry every day. Go bags, where to store them, are they ready to go at all times. Sometimes may need to leave quickly. Fire preparedness.

Goal over next year become more prepared in terms of first aid for myself and family. Getting ready to renew certs for CPR. Take time to train and learn on anything you carry everyday. If you start carrying something, look at training on it. I spend a good portion of the year on training on different items.

AD1CT – Keep in car recovery gear, tow straps. Can’t count number of times I’ve had to tow someone out. Basic tool kit all the time in car so can deal with minor issues.

N0KMO – Always a good Samaritan in helping a pulling people out. But in last year has been more careful with that type of thing. Any other comments?

KT0CAT – Currently in Jeep with Mile High Jeep Club. Food and water, diabetic, make sure I always have food and water. Blood testing kit. First aid kit, was EMT for 10 years, has blood pressure cuff, O2 level sensor, has tourniquet. Mask for CPR. Have a lot of tow straps, wench, shackles, tire kit, sleeping bag. 72 hour kit. Ham radio, GRMS, CB and SpotX.

N0KMO – A lot of good points in there. CPR mask, was not thinking about that. Medical for yourself. I announced in 2019 had surgery had bariatric surgery. Changed prepping for what I need for myself. Because if I can’t respond for people in my life, I’m useless. Carry water everyday, must stay hydrated. Always know where water refuel sources are.
Last comment for today. Rough comment for people to consider: How can I get my loved ones to prepare. Daughter came back to Colorado and became a parent. How do I prepare for my grandkids. Eats a little differently than most people because of surgery.

Will be bringing question over next month or two on how to get loved ones more prepared on preparedness.

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