February 19, 2022 – Supplies and Equipment List – Tools to Have On-Hand

Net Control – K0STR

K0STR – Building our equipment list and equipment and knowing what we have. First we’ll talk about power tools, then hand tools. Most of us already have some in stock, seems like there are always things that I need that I don’t have. You can never have enough tools.

I am incredibly bad impulse buyer with hand tools. When we talk about power tools, battery operated, usually 20(?)v. I personally like the Dewalt 20v system. A drill, various power saws, reciprocating saw, etc. There are other brands just as good, Craftsman, Riobi, Mikita.
One of the other things is a chain saw. I have a small one that I use almost weekly.

KF0FKK – Today’s tools that run on batteries don’t loose much power. Plenty of torque and power.

K0STR – I use my circular saw all the time and I don’t loose any power compared to chorded tools. You also want to make sure you have extra batteries. I generally spend extra money and get the 6 hour batteries. You want to make sure you have 4 batteries on hand with a couple chargers.

AB0ZY – Are you aware of any of the major brands that will run off of 12 volts?

K0STR – I personally don’t know of any. But what I use is a step up inverter from 12v to 120v and I use this for number things charging off a 12v system.

AB0ZY – I come from the construction world and another benefit of cordless is if there is water around, you have less chance of electrocution than corded.

K0STR – The other thing is you can always charge you batteries off your backup generator. Hopefully everyone has a backup power plan.

KD0YBJ – In addition I have a few battery tools, what I’ve been doing is slowing preparing backups via non-powered tools.

K0STR – I want to talk about compressors. I have one that works off 120v and a long enough hose that I can run anywhere in the house to run those tools. They are relatively inexpensive.

If you are going to do any serious automotive work, you need a compressor and air driven tools.
Last group of power tools is the Dremel tools and its accessories. I use this almost every day. There are thousands of uses for a Dremel system. I have both a corded and battery version. A Dremel tool is an essential tool.

KF0FKK – Recently the company made a change to the manufacture of the motor. It vibrates so much over the range of speed. There are also Chinese knockoffs that use the older motor. Quality has dropped a bit. Buyer beware.

K0STR – Great information. We need to test run everything we buy. Make sure they run and run like they should.

One other tool I found along the road was a Black and Decker power screwdriver. It’s proven to be a wonderful tool. On generators, some type of electrical backup system. At least for the immediate future a generator is a life-saver.

KE0TWB – I picked up a Ryobi 40V lawn mower, I am very impressed. Very powerful and use-friendly and very light. Long battery life.

KF0FKK – I bought an Eco lawnmower it’s great. I’ve had a positive experience with lawn tools.

? – If you spend a lot of money on a system, as they progress on technology, they’re going to leave your battery style behind.

K0STR – Everything we purchase sooner or later they are going to wear out or become useless. Something we need to plan on and plan around it. But buy the system you like and that works well for what you need to do, knowing that down the road you’ll be making the purchase again.

Planned obsolescence.

There is generally one thing that doesn’t become obsolete is hand tools. Sometimes I prefer to work with hand tools over power tools. Hammers, saws, screwdrivers. You have to make sure you have a good supply of hand tools.

Let’s try to make a list:

  • Power drill – Old cord drill.
  • Hammers – I have 3 of different sized. Small tack hammer, hook and claw, large claw and ball peen
  • Saws – Various saws, 4 or 5
  • Wrenches – Wonderful world a wrenches
  • Crescent wrenches, open-ended, socket (various sockets)
  • Ratchet driven box-end wrench.
  • Plyers – An assortment of plyers and various sizes.
  • Clamps – Different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Cutters – Tin snips etc.
  • Knives – Putty, box cutter, tile cutting, etc.
  • Multi-meter
  • Tape measure – 2 or 3
  • Rulers
  • Chisels
  • Level
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Medical and Dental Tools – I have these in my tool chest, not for medical work, but for other fine work.
  • Screwdrivers – Flat , phillips, large screwdrivers, medium, micro
  • Magnets
  • Markers, pencils, pens, chalk
  • Squares
  • Good supply of rechargeable batteries. AA, C cells, D cells, 9volt

KF0FKK – Litho batteries are one ones you want to go to, can recharge and discharge more often.

N0KMO – Battery technology has come a long way. Double check what you’re buying. There are batteries out there is you have to use THEIR battery charger. I’m still a big big believer in deep cycle, especially if you have a trailer. Overall Litho, Lithium ion phosphate are great. But can you get them right now.
Has anyone seen the Ryobi power station. Excellent for charging.

KF0GZH – Medical tools are very handy, we don’t go anywhere without forceps and hemostats. We use these for all sorts of things and they are very handy.

K0STR – I carry a set of forceps and clamps. Whenever I’m dealing with small wiring they come in very handy.

Also have a very good soldering iron.

I also carry a small dental mirror.

KF0FXA – There’s no much about batteries we could make a whole topic out of it. About Wrenches, if you’re looking for a decent tool set, look at Gearwrench, I would choose these over Snap-On.

K0STR – I know Snap-On are awfully expensive. I prefer Craftsman. I also like Lowes brank, Cobalt and they are really good.

KF0FXA – A tool that wasn’t mentioned is a code reader and scanner.

K0STR – Some of these things are a once in a lifetime investment. Ace has Craftsman tools.

KE0ZSH – Maintenance of hand tools, especially saws, you want o invest in a good set of files, plus some jigs to maintain those saws.

K0STR – Keep your tools clean and rust free. A drop of oil on your tool head can save your tool.

KF0HND – The tool I think is the one tool to have is a Leatherman.

K0STR – A pocket knife, Swiss Army Knife.

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