December 11, 2021 – When is enough too much and when do we ignore false alarms?

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K0STR – Is there such a thing as too much supply?

Does anyone disagree that you can never have too many supplies?
As an example, the Mormon church has a rules for church member that they have one year of food on hand at all times for each member of the family. Is that enough or should you get more?

KF0FXA – My family used to travel back and forth between Alaska and lower 48 states. If you break down out there and don’t have anything there is nothing to help you. If you don’t have it, you can’t use it.

K0STR – You never know what’s going to happen until it gets here, then it’s too late if you’re not prepared.

K7ASB – We’ve ordered some containers with gamma lids and Mylar bags. You listen to the news and it’s hard to know what to believe. How do you know what to get and how much?

N0KMO – It’s hard to know what’s false and what’s not. Some things are not necessarily false, but it could be out of context. The real things that are out there, tornado, blizzards, things that affect all of us. Local type things. Then you have to try and filter out the rest.

It’s tough to figure out what’s coming and what’s, but prepare the best you can. There are also other people getting prepared, and they will come out.

AE0CU – I read a lot of stuff, and disaster scenarios like EMP and other things. It’s all possible, but day to day we face tornados, etc.. These are real life that need to be prepared for. Education on how to rotate out food and how to store it; how not to use it up and not spoil. The average disaster will be more like natural disasters.

K0STR – How often does a string of tornados tear up 4 states? How often does a snow storm go though Texas and ruin the power grid? Not very often, but need to prepare.
? – When you’re setting up for perimeter defense, too much can be when you’re setting up direct fire and claymores, etc.

K0DEE – A tyranny situation can go on for a long time. Storing food can only go so far. Can you gather food and hunt. And is there a barter system around.

K0STR – If there is a major event, bartering will be big. What can you barter? Precious metals, bullets, etc. I am a re-loader, so I would reload and trade bullets for goods. There will be a lot of people out there who will want bullets.

N0KMO – Bartering is one of my favorite but toughest subjects. Can you barter today? Sure. Like a simple job for service. Do business locally. If there is a local provider I try to patronize them. It helps drive the economy, but also meet contacts for bartering. Bartering with services: What can I do for you and what can you do for me? But the hard part is where to find it.

K0STR – I also look at it on the side as how to keep yourself social; get out there and talk to other people. That’s how information used to spread, is at the markets.

KL7GLK – Retired surgeon.

K0STR – Think of all the services you could provide for trade. We all have trades or abilities to do this.

KL7GLK – Definitely agree. In a minor way I’ve been doing that with our neighbors. I’ve traded advise for tomatoes and things like that.

K0STR – I’m a lawyer. Would there still be a legal structure during an SHTF situation, if there were, I could trade my legal services for good or services. Every one of us has something we could do.

N0KMO – I read something the other day. When things happen people group together. I know an individual that’s thinking of starting this kind of structure. The best thing you can do is to be an advocate in your neighborhood. Find someone you can trust to start watching each others house. Neighbors are also trading vegetables and things like that. Be your own advocate. Get out there and put together some type of structure that you can rely on.

? – A lot of skills that normal people do, mechanics and welders, etc. These could be very useful. But one thing all of us could do is set aside part of our property for farming. People will always need food.

K0STR – Growing our own foodstuffs. This is the best thing. Not only are we growing food for ourselves, but we’re putting together a bartering device. A small section of land can produce a lot of food.

Recap: We all agree that anything can happen, and we have to prepare the best we can for all eventualities. Most of us here in Colorado is that we’re here in the tornado belt in Colorado.

KF0XFA – In an event like a tornado or earthquake, develop a vehicle and first aide kit can be used to help other people.

K0STR – We are confronted every day of our lives with the possibility of disasters. And it’s our job to protect our families. To sum this up today, I feel that there is no such thing as too much. Also you’ve got to be ready for the eventuality of everything. It’s remote, but what if…

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