Colorado Preparedness Net

The Colorado Preparedness Net meets each Saturday at 9:30AM on the Colorado Connection for the discussion of preparedness for disasters and other events that could or have affected our state.

Patriot VE Team - W0PCT

The Patriot Volunteer Examiner (VE) Team is a group of Amateur Radio operators who volunteer to conduct exams for ham radio licences. We were formed in September 2015 and up until covid we also provided classes. Since convid our classes have become virtual. We provide exams both on computer, if you bring a suitable device, as well as paper. All exams are instantly computer graded, the results are sent to the FCC after the exam and new license and upgrades are usually issued the next business day. We use Exam Tools (the companion to for all our testing. As of November 2020 we have conducted 100 exam sessions.

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Food Preparedness is a large portion of being prepared. Including gardening, canning, inventorying, determining shelf life span, and etc.


Stay in touch with information and others is a key part to the preparedness community. Most of the communications today rely on the Internet and there are methods to communicate with others. Focusing on the other methods to communicate is focused on here.


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Emergencies or disasters can happen at any time in Colorado. Knowing what to expect in an emerging situation such as a disaster or an emergency along with being prepared in advance can save your life. Colorado Ready teaches you and your family how to be prepared for the unexpected disasters or emergencies.
Colorado Ready is an organization committed to the education of Preparedness. Each preparedness journey starts somewhere in the way of doing one extra thing that makes sense for them to prepare for an event.