Colorado Preparedness Net

The Colorado Preparedness Net meets each Saturday at 9:30AM on the Colorado Connection for the discussion of preparedness for disasters and other events that could or have affected our state.

Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Network

will actually climb the mountain for you.

Patriot VE Team

Providing quality, efficient, friendly and FREE Amateur Radio testing. Now providing computer, or optional paper, exams, with instant grading and electronic signatures using ExamTools. Your results are sent to the FCC that same day, with most new call signs and upgrades issued the next business day.

Fortune Favors The Prepared

Tempera is a breath of fresh air

It's like being on a frozen mountain top. It's like getting there and not being able to climb back down. It's like having to survive in that hostile environment for months just by eating insects and drinking tea made out of twigs.

Preparedness through education

Emergencies can happen at anytime in Colorado. Knowing what to expect in an emerging situation such as a disaster or emergency along with being prepared in advanced can save your life. Colorado Ready teaches you and your family on how to be prepared for unexpected disasters or emergencies.

Getting Started

Getting Started
If you are reading this article then you have already started prepping. Prepping involves asking a few questions about yourself and love ones. The biggest thing that can stop you is not having the support of your love ones. Approaching the love ones will be addressed later.
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