Author: <span>Kamo (N0KMO)</span>

Author: Kamo (N0KMO)

Family Preparedness

What is Family Preparedness? Family preparedness refers to the process of ensuring that a family is well-prepared to respond effectively to emergencies, disasters, or unexpected situations that may disrupt their daily lives or pose risks to their safety and well-being. It involves planning, organizing, and equipping your household to handle …

Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

What is preparedness? Preparedness refers to the state of being ready and well-equipped to respond effectively to emergencies, disasters, or unexpected situations. It involves a combination of planning, organization, training, and resource allocation to minimize the impact of potential risks and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, communities, and …

June 26 2021

Radio Contesting and Preparedness KF0CJA – Haven’t done any contesting myself, but any time you practice with equipment it’s valuable and get more familiar with equipment and try it out in various locations. Plan to try radios in various locations on alternate power. N0KMO – Amatuer radio has lots of …


Honey is considered a good food item for disaster preparedness for several reasons: Overall, honey is a versatile and nutritious food item that can provide quick energy and sustenance during times of emergency or disaster.