September 04, 2021 – Preps for the Next Year

How do you feel about going into next year with your preps?

Net Control – N0KMO

KF0CJA – Feeling pretty good about short-term to medium-term food storage. Long-term needs a little work. Water storage is OK at best, needs some work. Power is where I’m concerned the most, have some analysis paralysis there, but need to make a decision and move.

N0NMO – Concerned about water thing there too. National Preparedness Month is September. Had a leak in one of the water preps, had to clean that up. Only have one water filter. But if there’s enough time on trigger point, can probably filter some water pretty quickly. Reached out to some backpacking friends, and they said just get some general water filters. There are plenty of natural filters you could use, also backpacking filters.

KD0YBJ – Feeling reasonably confident with the preps we’ve done over the many years.

N0KMO – Wife asked, how do you feel about radio preparedness? Doesn’t know where go kits are. Another area is family training. Where to go if they need to leave the house. Make sure they know where everything is.

KE0PLS – Specialize in water treatment, the thing people need to look at is .When you’re looking at water safety. Bacteria and protozoans are easily filtered out, but not with carbon filters. Berkey filters will filter these out. Also need to be concerned about viruses, they are so small they will go through most filters, but will be taken out with chemical treatment. You should filter as much as you can. But if there is no chlorine or iodine residual in your stored water, things will grow, make sure to have this in your stored water.

N0KMO – Interesting conversation about training. Not just training yourself, but also training your family. Can’t just assume that everyone knows where everything is. Wife asks: How are we doing with material for fixing clothes? There are always little things that come up in conversations that you’ve never thought about before.

K0STR – Comment on water purification. Viral purification, UV will take care of this, then a two step filter, through cheese cloth, and then gravity fed filtration. With this produce very clear water.

KE0PLS – In municipal situation. The UV is a polishing step and should be done in the most clarified water as possible. UV is in ineffective in water that have any cloudiness at all. There are some Virus that UV won’t affect (Norovirus). Use UV as a polisher, but not as an initial treatment.

KY0JAM – Thought for net down the line is first aid kits. A lot of people go out to WalMart and get this huge kit with a lot of fluff. A trauma kit is probably really what you need, because you may not have just a little bitty owie, which is what these WalMart kits are really for.

N0KMO – Great point. Going into 2020 this was a good lead point for us. It was a last minute for us. In 2020 a lot of places were sold out of first aid stuff. We go really quickly through those first aid supplies. Took a first aid class and stop the bleed class. Opened eyes with trauma kits and did an upgrade on trauma kits.

N4TCW – Always those second tool use, dual use items for trauma kits, favorites ones feminine pads, individually wrapped, very absorbent and can be used for a compress.

K0STR – Corpsman in Vietnam, a lot of what we used on the field were feminine napkins, very absorbent and can be used as bandages.

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