October 30, 2021 – Data Security and Privacy – Part 2

Net Control – N0KMO

N0KMO – A lot of things people don’t really think about. One of these is backup schemes. These get a little tricky because there are some interesting parts about backing up data. In 2008 I looked at what I’m paying for, I have all these Windows machines and I’m paying a lot for these.

When I need to keep data based on historical, I keep in CSV format because I can import that into other software packages. Email client I’m using Thunderbird open source email client. Also backing up configuration files on USB stick that you can grab off your night stand when you have to go quickly.

Also carrying a secondary wallet which includes USB drives, of course encrypted.
Remember when backing up things, back up data of course, but also back up configurations. Which includes radio configurations. Export and throw on to a USB stick. I also upload to cloud provider.

KF0CJA – Backups to NAS device. Also configuration backups can be a manual process.

N0KMO – Manual process, there are tools to help with manual process. Also NAS device is a great thing to talk about. I use an application called TRUENAS where you can create your own NAS. Throw together a computer with spare parts. Think about hooking all computers to single location. Also file-level encryption. Appleshare, Windows share, and some nice plugin features.

When talking about backup management, what are the most common file schemes out there? On the top of the list is Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, QuickBooks and other financial files. These are the most common that are out there. What I’m been finding for the data security side, is Excel will let you encrypt. But a lot of people prefer a PDF.

Layering security. First thing is put up a No Soliciting sign, physical security. Next thing is a good door lock, also physical access to data. Can someone get through the door and get to your data and documents?

Pi Hole, a little Raspberry Pie to block ads, etc. on your network. Router and other network equipment behind locked door, another layer of security.

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