October 23, 2021 – Data Security and Privacy

Net Control – N0KMO

N0KMO – I deal with a lot of power in my house, wiring my computers and station equipment. But a lot of what I work on has to do with data in case we have to leave the house for a disaster. Do I have a copy of what I need?

I have talked about in the past a preparedness binder, and ICE binder ready to go. When leaving the house, a lot of people don’t know what they need. For fire or flood, how to keep a binder secure during this time. Lock your bag with a TSA travel lock, this is now I keep my information secure for my go bag. One step harder for people to get into.

N0KMO – A lot of people keep their information on a little thumb drive, and then in an anti-static bag. And then this is in a secure go bag. Then can I password protect the data on my drive. Keep an eye out for encrypted thumb drive.

What if I need a computer with me? I have a couple small laptops, kept charged and power cable in my go bag. In my fire safe I keep a copy of my encrypted thumb drive. Use major drives when looking at thumb drives.

K0STR – What about Bing for search engine?

KF0CJA – Microsoft Bing. I think Bing is a little more secure than Google

N0KMO – Not a fan of social media. I do not do any social media from any of my cell phones. I’ve started uninstalling social media apps.
I turn off my location service and wi-fi when I leave the house.

KD0YMG – There are a lot to know about VPNs, essentially you are trusting someone you don’t know.

N0KMO – Think about separation of duties. If you work from home, are you doing personal things from your work computer and connection? Your company will know what you’re doing and be able to track your data.

KF0OTE – We have a lot of savvy on here, when you’re on the WIFI in a public place, WIFI is treated as a hub, so your data is broadcast to the rest of the network. Always protect yourself in a public setting.


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