October 16, 2021 – Accessory Bags and Travel Kits

October 16, 2021 – Accessory Bags and Travel Kits

Net Control – K0STR

K0STR – In some ways this is a bug-out kit, but it’s a continuation of our discussion a couple weeks ago about a trauma kit. This is in addition to the trauma kit. I have a small backpack I take with me everyone, so I always have some supplies. One of my personality traits, when I would go backpacking, I would always over-equip myself and my party. I never found myself wanting for something I didn’t have.

I developed my travel kit essentials. Something I keep in my backpack that I take with me whenever I leave the house. It’s a camelback that has water in it.

Here is the list, small items and they can fit in my backpack in a pouch:

  • A small mirror – Signaling mirror.
  • A small flashlight
  • Extra batter for flashlight
  • Extra batter for handheld
  • Extra mag for Colt .45
  • Small tin cup
  • Life Straw
  • Extra pair of boot laces – Made of leather, tough and not prone to break
  • Small 20-30′ of 550 paracord – Can use for just about anything
  • Police whistle – Very loud and lasts a lot longer than your voice
  • Secondary compass – I don’t go camping anymore, too old. For outings to store or just out and about, I don’t really need a compass but it’s there anyway.
  • Matches in a match safe – A little tin tube rubber sealed on each end to keep dry.
  • Other fire-starting substances – Magnifying glass, little packets of fire starter, flint
  • Bandana – Always useful, dust mask, head cover, can do a lot of things with bandana
  • Extra Band-Aids
  • Few Safety pins – Very useful for a number of purposes, carry a variety of sizes in my pack.
  • Few sewing needles and a small spool of thread. – This is from my days of backpacking. Small item that doesn’t take up much space.
  • Fishing line and a couple of fishing hooks
  • Secondary swiss army knife – Always have a large multi tool swiss army knife, but in my kit I always have a small one, with can opener.
  • Small eye glass repair kit – A few small; screwdriver and small screws, take up almost no space and can come in very handy.
  • Film sunglass kit – Roll or fold up, if for some reason you don’t have sunglasses, you can put over glasses.
  • Extra candy and nuts – Just to have a snack with me.
  • Magnifying glass – Do not buy a cheap plastic glass, buy a good glass one. It’s very easy to start a fire.
  • Two or 3 day supply of medicals that I need to stay alive and functioning.
    Any other device or tool that may come in handy, your imagination is your limit.

KF0FXA – Went down to army uplly store, and got a vest and load pockets with anything I can think of. Poncho, survival tent that rolls up on itself.

K0STR – A poncho is an essential item. I don’t carry one in my small kit, but I do carry in my backpack. Should have a poncho available whenever you are away from your home.

Is this an overkill, maybe but it’s always better to have something with you and not need it, then need it and not have it with you. Most of this stuff is small and inexpensive, so may as well keep it with you.

KE0CU – On these kits, the different bags we might be using, we might be using different names for them. On every bag you have you certainly need a gold, what is it trying to accomplish. I have day bags, if you’re out and break down, it will get you home. A 3 days bag which may get you down from the mountain. Then a 30 day bag which has everything.

N0KMO – I don’t know if it’s different bags. I do have my day bag, everything I take to work. Then I have my Go bag in truck. Bag strategy is something we need to look at. My day bag, I have laptop and other items, enough for me to survive in the office space. Go bag has several items that can resupply my day bag.
The truck is also equipped with a kit. Each bag has a kit for what you need for that mission or day.

K0STR – I think you’re both correct on that and have the right idea. What I’m talking about here is the bag when I decide to out out, I’ll throw it in the car, then if something happens I have extra supplies to get me home. It’s not a 3 day bag.

N0KMO – I’ve been working on this topic as well. One of my favorite topics to talk about. I’ve also been looking at other preparedness items. I’ve switched up from putting kits in the bag. I have a small day bag. Always an extra radio. HT’s in the house and on you, always have a radio.

K0STR – My son and I developed this idea, what do we have if we get stranded. Also has a 5 day bag and 30 day bag, but generally doesn’t carry these to work.

KF0AXU – There’s a website that I use for a lot of these bags. With the bags that are designed to be carried, you must be able to carry what’s in them.

K0STR – Great advise. It’s good to practice, get out there and walk 5 miles with your bag and make sure you can do it.
Unknown station – Must have bug repellant. And a little bit of Benadryl.

K0STR – Bug repellant, that is very important and essential. Make sure it’s good, there are a lot of junk repellent. I prefer Cutters.

KF0MTB – I’ll second Cutter. Cutter is definitely the best on eI’ve found. Small package of wpise, or a small roll of TP.

K0STR – The old backpacking lesson, TP is one of the 10 essentials for any backpacking trip.

KE0CU – Anyone who is serious about this has probably a number of different packs for different situations. They lorded it up, then found out it’s a 35 pack. On your get home bag, you don’t necessarily need a poncho, but a clear trash bag would work. I’ve reloaded and changed my bags dozens of times. It’s really nice to have items that are multi-purpose.

K0STR – Great advice and we should all take notice of it.

Unknown Station – Radio and extra battery, several handhelds. What I’ve settled for with back country is the Yeasu 4XR, has excellent battery life. This is one I take with me in the back country for that reason.

K0STR – You should have handheld with you whenever you leave the house.


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