November 20, 2021 – WARNING: Times are Changing and They’re Changing Fast

Net Control: K0STR

K0STR – Are we ready for these changing times? Yesterday the Kyle Rittenhouse jury came back not guilty on all counts. This was a textbook example of self-defense. As I’ve heard from my sources, Denver is gearing up for a lot of problems.

The response to this verdict is exactly what caused the situation in the first place. Wholesale violence and burning and civil unrest. This verdict is a turn back towards what this country is all about.

N1ROG – Complete agreement.

KE0YAK – Also in agreement.

K0STR – We need to be prepared for these situations. The communist factions of this country are not going to take this laying down. They will strike back. The reactions of the patriots of this country will strike back. They won’t take this anymore.

N0KMO – It’s interesting to watch the different reactions. I see there’s also a lot of protesting in major cities, and this will lead us back down to what we’re seeing now.

K0STR – It should be noted last night there were a lot of problems in the big cities. Let’s not that these are all in the big cities, this doesn’t really happen in rural America.

KE0YAK – Correct, it’s all the big cities where it’s heavily one party control.

K0STR – There are morals to be learned from this story. He was a well meaning guy, but he put himself in a position where he shouldn’t have been. Stay home during these situations. Don’t put yourself in situations where Kyle put himself in.

KE0YAT – Agree with that. You can keep out of dangerous situations with good discernment.

K0STR – Kyle’s life isn’t all of a sudden out of danger. He’s going to be in danger after this. I don’t think any of us want that.

KE0YAK – Be prepared, have at least 30 days of food supply.

K0STR – We can argue we have the right to travel anywhere we want, but do we want to. You could put yourself into a very ugly situation.

N0KMO – This also leads to subject of preparedness.. Insurance. You can only mitigate so much with insurance. Going into a high risk area can cost you. When I go some place I also consider what I bring with me. Is it valuable and is it a target. The aftermath will cost you too. Insurance is a good offset for preparedness.

K0STR – Absolutely correct. Will your insurance company pay any costs because of where you were. There’s nothing good to inserting yourself into one of these situations.

KE0YAK – This is where discernment comes in. Umbrella insurance on everything you own. There’s ways to protect yourself. The big thing is discernment, be careful of where you go. Will not go to Denver.

K0STR – I used to work in downtown Denver. I worked at the main courthouse. I watched downtown Denver change drastically. Now the “zombies” come out at 0800, so now you can have a problem on the mall at any time.

Was happy to retire and get out of Denver. Other big cities like Pueblo and Ft. Collins are having problems.

KE0YAK – Everything there is a democratic communist government running things there is going to be problems.

KE0ZSH – I don’t disagree for the most part. If you go to Denver at any time of day you can run into problems. But you can run into problems just driving around anywhere.

K0STR – Sometimes you have to travel and you don’t want to shut yourself up entirely. You need to be prepared. I carry concealed, but I can’t carry a firearm to certain places.

WN6OTL – A lot of stuff happening isn’t just in major cities. It goes into the suburban areas. I’ve noticed a lot of bad stuff coming into the Longmont and Firestone areas. Bad stuff is happening all over.

KA0NHH – Encourage people when they’re making their plans, how they’re going to react to these things. Go to the Colorado revised statutes and know what the laws are regarding force.

K0STR – I was clear and evident in the Kyle situation is that if he wouldn’t have had his weapon, he would have been shot dead. If he wouldn’t have been prepared, he would have been dead.

KA0NHH – The right to enforce the law comes from the citizens and given to the police.

K0STR – Anyone has the right to enforce the law. The police have the right an arrest on probable cause. Citizens can make an arrest when they witness a crime happen. Not encouraging to go and enforce the law themselves.

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