November 13, 2021 – State of Preparedness

Net Control – N0KMO

N0KMO – I am going to preface with this: When talking about preparedness, it’s hard to feel where you are at with preparedness. It’s also difficult to talk about because the are different ideas about preparedness, so it’s hard to talk about in open circles. Reaching out is hard to do.

Are you prepared when you leave the house? Can you grade yourself on it.
Can you talk to your family about it? I get a lot of topics coming through along with K0STR. These topics are coming from what we’re hearing about in the preparedness community.
Is anyone brave enough to call in and grade themselves on their state of preparedness.

AD1CT – I think that the tough part of that question is be prepared for what? The requirements for being prepared for one thing are the same as being prepared for another. In the military, we plan for what is the most likely, and then what is the worst case scenario. If you can do this, then you can get hopefully get what you need.

N0KMO – Every situation is different. I have been working on a grading system and we have come up with an idea of: What are you preparing for? Are you preparing your family or yourself and what are you preparing for?

Are you testing your preparedness? If you are that’s a “1”, if not, that’s a “0”. Do you have multiple items? If so, that’s a “1”. Do you have the items?

One thing that I did not prepare for was financial preparedness. I was hit hard with my wife not working and me changing jobs. What can I put away? What is going to be valuable after an event.

N7NFT – I used to live in California, and there were fires all the time. My family was prepared and was young at the time, 12 or so. Parents had things prepared in case we needed to bug out. One day there was a fire really close to my house, my mom immediately started packing the car, but I didn’t have the stuff I needed to bug out, and I wasn’t prepared. It was really scary because I didn’t have anything I needed.

For a lot of people live their lives hoping they will be lucky. “Fortune favors the prepared”.

N0KMO – In the IT field we have a term “Agile”, I’m currently in software engineering. At the end of the day my team is key to me. Being part of a team and being prepared is important. Your team is essential, and what about training with your team.

Do you ever want to talk about preparedness but are afraid it’s too political? It’s hard to talk about with people. Don’t be afraid to talk about your preparedness.

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