August 28, 2021 – The Test Drive

The Test Drive

Net Control – K0STR

K0STR – Have you or will you do a preparedness test in your home, bunker or wherever you plan to hide in a critical situation? Will you be practicing a simulated disaster?

It has been a week of important occurrences, reminder of trigger points, it’s important to keep an eye out for trigger points. Went to grocery store and saw things that concerned me. I saw an abundance of empty shelves in a store that is usually heavily stocked.

Also a hurricane; living in New Orleans and I understand the evacuation is a nightmare. Expecting a surge of 15 to 20 feet, which would submerge many houses in that area.
Supplies getting short and supply lines drying up. Less to buy and less to buy supplies to back stock.
How many have buttoned down homes, bunkers, cabins, etc? How many have shut down completely to test living off of supply stocks?

KL6GLK – Not just only tested it, but lived it in the DC area. Had good opportunity to test things. a big things was power going out and those who were prepared had generators to run refrigerators.

Generators were a big thing and having enough fuel to run things on. Had to bring out stove and Coleman lantern. Power went out for a day or two.

K0STR – Did the hurricane affect the generator at all? Did the generator do what it needed to do?

KL6GLK – Generator worked well as long as there was fuel.

K0STR – Company selling generators that run on natural gas. Some people say that natural gas supply would keep running if power went out.

KL6GLK – Extra large propane tank to run generator for over a month. In Leadville at 10,000 feet. Also lived in Pacific and gone through typhoons as well.

K0STR – Having been in the Navy, commend KL6GLK for going through those storms. Are you running propane or electricity?

KL6GLK – All electric, and power has never really gone out here.

AE0CU – The situation on my property is different. No power lines, propane is delivered to a big tank. All lighting is wind and solar for last 20 years. The only disaster here is getting snowfall and high winds. Test equipment and food supplies on a regular basis, it’s just the way I live.

One really big wind turbine that has survived to 2 decades. A lot of time we get wind with storms, and electricity keep getting generated.

On east end of Sierra Madre wilderness in Wyoming.

K0STR – Enough wind in Wyoming to drive turbines for sure. Any other stations with information to pass along with experiencing emergencies?

Pass on an idea: My suggestion is that we all take a 3 day shutdown for testing and experiencing services. Turn off water, turn off electricity and learn to live off our supplies. If the grid fails, water failed, sewage failed. Are we prepared and do a shutdown test with our families.

KL7GLK – Great idea, don’t know how many people would last 3 days. Would show deficiencies in plans, but also how well they can get along without taking a bath.

K0STR – Part of my plan is to bring in water from a nearby lake. Could also take a sponge bath.

KLGLK – Great idea, but might be a little rough if you have teenagers in your household. Will also need to bring in water to flush toilets with.

K0STR – We have a long weekend coming up, and that would give us a 3 days weekend to test our plans. See where the holes are and where we need to fill in.

KL6GLK – Modify that. On one night everything will be cooked on a Coleman stove. Once you get into it, a lot of people might find it a lot of fun.

K0STR – Could be a good adventure for the family. Like camping at home.

KL6GLK – Having gone through disasters, it would be like camping at home.

K0STR – Comments?

K0RAD – How do do the test without shutting anything down.

K0STR – Can run the test without throwing he big breaker.

KC0CU – This test of preparedness water is a huge problem in winter when temp is below freezing.
Solar equipment: 3 big battery pack, each one is 500 amp hours and up. 100 watt solar panels. 3 different places to put panels.

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