August 21, 2021 – Preparedness Rules and Triggers

Preparedness Rules and Triggers

Net Control: N0KMO

N0KMO – In a disaster situation for the last two years nations/world wide. What really bugged me, is I thought I was into preparedness enough to see this happening, but I didn’t have rules set up or triggers. Wasn’t on that level of awareness that I should have been.

I was transferring jobs to a new position. People started talking about this virus, but then it really started hitting home when I saw shelves clear off. That should be a trigger.

K0ATV – For example, with covid, didn’t skip and beat and didn’t notice anything. I call myself food and supplies hoarder. Has every square inch of house and out building filled with supplies. Every time I go to store get a couple cans of corned beef hash.

Every December, King Soopers puts canned goods on sale. Load up then because you never know when you’re going to need it.

N0KMO – Also 4Patriots is out there, locally owned, in another state, but they have some good items. Readywise has been pushing idea of preparedness food in state of Colorado. Great way to stock up on long term storage.

But don’t wait for trigger, keep buying because you never know when it might become handy. Trigger point should have taken action on, but I didn’t. One of the groups out there, LDS, they talk about preparedness. One thing they talk about is a 3 month supply of food as part of normal preparedness plan. Also talk about storing water. Comment on having water around to flush toilets,. The thing I didn’t think about is financial preparedness. What happens after an event is a little bit of inflation.

Paying attention more to vehicle preparedness, and let the idea of inflation slip. Power bill went up unimpededly, why didn’t I see this trigger point? Everything seems to be climbing a little bit.

KF0CJA – Frequency of going to the store, if you’re not going frequently enough, you may not notice the trend and then it may be too late. Financial prepping is a good topic. Been noticing shrink-flation at the store on quite a few products, this is where prices stay the same, or go up, and the amount of product goes down.

N0KMO – Daughter said she could find an item at the store. We aren’t going to the store as frequently as we should and not seeing these trends. As we start going to the store more often we start noticing these trends and seeing these trigger point. Rule number one is observe everything.

One thing that isn’t talked about is do you prepare for textile shortages? Do you take on a skill of how to sew your own clothes.

Consistency of going to the store and being observant and not being complacent.

The other thing is basically intelligence. The cyber security industry looks at information as intelligence. Look at how we’re getting information. This is part of being observant. When you’re reading articles and book, etc. this data can be used as trigger points.

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